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March 6, 2014
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Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for Reptiles

bOne group says that if you eat the right foods then you do not need supplementation, the other group says that the soil are so depleted that the food are nutritionally incomplete. Researches have written thick, technical scientific papers on the function of calcium, vitamin D3 and UV light and there’s still a great deal the experts don’t know and argue over.Much of what we learned about the nutritional needs of reptiles come from sick or dead animals. Necropsies performed have pointed to the dangers of certain food types. Checking the internal organs and bones after death and talking to the owners about the diet and supplements adds to the knowledge. With this information researches and veterinarians work backward to adjust the recommended amount of a particular supplement or food type that was suspected as a cause for medical problems or death. No one knows for sure how much nutrient any reptile needs and that is why it’s really difficult to recommend dosages.


Calcium intake alone can’t prevent calcium deficiencies and metabolic bone disease. Proper UVB, temperature and a balance between calcium and phosphorus are crucial elements for calcium metabolism. Calcium deficiencies are among the most common health problems especially in captive iguanas.

March 6, 2014
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Advantages Vitamin D3 Injections

Vitamin D3 Injections is important for good health, growth and strong bones. A lack of vitamin D is very common. Vitamin D is mostly made in the skin by exposure to sunlight. Most foods contain very little vitamin D naturally, though some are fortified (enriched) with added vitamin D. A mild lack of vitamin D may not cause symptoms but can cause general aches and pains. A more severe lack can cause serious problems such as rickets (in children) and osteopathic (in adults), described below. Treatment is with vitamin D supplements. Some people are more at risk of vitamin D deficiency, and so are recommended to take Vitamin D3 Injections supplements routinely. These include all pregnant women, breast-fed babies, children under 5, and people aged 65 and over. Also, people who do not get much exposure to the sun, people with black or Asian skin types, and people with certain gut, liver or kidney diseases.


A main action of Vitamin D3 Injections is to help calcium and phosphorus in our diet to be absorbed from the gut. The calcium and phosphorus are essential for the structure and strength of our bones. So, vitamin D is really important for strong bones. In addition, vitamin D seems to be important for muscles and general health. Scientists have also found that vitamin D may also help to prevent other diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

A single small injection of vitamin D will last for about six months. This is a very effective and convenient treatment. It is useful for people who do not like taking medicines by mouth, or who are likely to forget to take their tablets. There are different strengths available and a dose may be taken either daily, weekly or monthly. This will depend on your situation and on which particular treatment guideline your doctor is using. Always check with your doctor that you understand the instructions – with high doses of Vitamin D3 Injections it is important to take the medicine correctly. The advantage of the higher-dose treatment is that the deficiency improves quickly – important in growing children.

March 6, 2014
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Anti Aging Supplements – Vitamin D3 Amazing Health Benefits

To make vitamin D more accessible, it is included in dairy items, juices, and oats that are then said to be “invigorated with vitamin D.” But generally vitamin D– 80 % to 90 % of what the figure gets– is acquired through presentation to daylight. Vitamin D can likewise be made in the lab as anti aging supplements. You may already know that supporting vitamin D in the season of winter can reduce your chances of getting a cold or flu. Healthy individuals who regularly take vitamin D3 may enjoy several advantages, apart from improved bone health. A research conducted in Boston University School of Medicine reported that their research uncover that higher vitamin D3 levels in blood have amazing influence on the genes that are integrated in several biologic pathways directly linked to autoimmune diseases, heart disease and cancer.Causes Why You Should Take Vitamin Anti Aging Supplements Vitamin D 3


If you have higher intake of vitamin D3 at the very beginning meaning at the early stage of your life, you will have a lesser risk of developing Type 1 Diabetes.

It can prevent osteoporosis. Better bone development and keeping bone diseases apart. It is probably the most effective anti aging supplements that will work from inside.

Lack of anti aging products just like vitamin D could be directly associateded with Pre-eclampsia, which happens during gestation terms and can potentially lead to hypertension and edema. Pre-eclampsia can possibly be a result of pre-mature labor. In fact, it is the main cause throughout impregnation.

Certainly, more clinical trials and research are needed, anti aging supplement like vitamin D has been linked as cancer prevention such as colon, breast and prostate.

There are many vitamin D receptors in our brain, therefore, it is believed that vitamin D assists to consistently maintain and achieve a healthy brain function.